I made Philomath my home over three years ago after completing my graduate degree doing research on the Oregon coast. I have loved becoming part of the community and learning more about this charming, small town with deep roots and history. The friends and connections I have made with long-term and recent Philomath residents are some of the most meaningful relationships in my adult life. I look forward to strengthening my community connections in a new capacity as your City Councilor.

The Philomath Citizen’s Academy has played a key part in cultivating my curiosity about how things work and my passion for helping people. The many City-affiliated guest speakers and facility tours provided more insight into our community, local government, and the ways in which I could become more involved. Because of the people I met there and the knowledge I gained, I am now involved in our City government. I have contributed to the discussions happening in the Inclusivity Ad Hoc Committee to help ensure that everyone is a part of creating a welcoming, bright future for Philomath. I look forward to learning more from every Philomath community member about what the City and myself, as your City Councilor, can do for you.

Fun Facts About Me

Favorite thing to do in Philomath

walk around our community, especially near forests and to & from the farmers' market


marine scientist specializing in fish ecophysiology and behavioral ecology


contra dancing (pre-pandemic), participating in local theatre, and reading

Favorite Food

spam musubi and sopes

Favorite Fandom

The Lord of the Rings

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